Busia County

Busia county is in the Western region of Kenya to the furthest end of the West as it borders Uganda to the West. It has a population of around 893,000 people. The county government gubernatorial leadership is under Governor Sospeter Odeke Ojaamong’ who has led the county for the last two election terms.

In the county governorship there are different offices including the governor’s office, the Deputy Governor and County Secretary. The three offices work together for the enhancement of the county’s development under different departments. Their main work is to formulate policies that govern people promote law and order, provide efficient services to the people, and respond to the people’s demands. The county government of Busia is made up of the following sub-counties.

  • Nambale Constituency
  • Butula Constituency
  • Funyula Constituency
  • Budalangi Constituency
  • Matayos Constituency
  • Teso North Constituency
  • Teso South Constituency

In alignment with the national government, the county government has ensured effectiveness in the different departments to enhance the lives of the people.

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