Laikipia County Departments

Agriculture, livestock, and fisheries,

Agricultural activities in Laikipia county are among the leading economic activities within the county. This involves farming and livestock keeping. Those engaged in farming practice crop farming for both domestic and commercial use. The farmers mainly grow such crops as maize, carrots, peas, potatoes, wheat; they also plant cash crops and horticultural crops. Fisheries in Laikipia county are minimal as the county is in line to construct dams that it will use for fish farming. So far, twenty dams have benefitted from the program. One of the significant fish farms is the Rumuruti fish farm. The fish dams and fingerlings distribution to the youths in the country has enabled them to develop economically. Through the fisheries project, the county government has ensured the maintenance of the dams by appointing a youth committee that is in charge of the cleanness and maintenance of the dams.

County Government Coordination, Administration, ICT, and Public Service

The department deals with the administrative matters of the county, public services, and compliance with law and enforcement. This department handles all issues relating to information communication and technology. This includes publishing the county government articles, channels of communication across the county and county websites.

Through the department, the organization offers public services. The department has managed to formulate laws that govern and coordinate all county government activities. The county has managed to execute and hold several meetings, provide public services, and sensitize its people about different life aspects through the department.

Education, Sports, Youth, and Social Services

This department determines the future of the government thus requires maximum concentration and priority consideration. Education in Laikipia county has been given a forefront as the government has constructed schools in different areas to encourage easy education access. The establishment of universities such as the Laikipia university, colleges, vocational training, and schools are signs of the effort in the department. The county has set up strategic plans to promote and support education. The plans include the promotion of the provision of skills through vocational training in training centers and colleges. The county has also put into consideration the establishment of a high-level library to enhance education. The youths and sports activities in the county have been made possible through the department as it has developed the youth talents by participating in such activities and offering financial support. The department has also empowered the youths by setting youth empowerment centers and creating job opportunities in the county.

Finance, County Planning, and Development

The department is in charge of accounting services, procurement services, budgeting, planning for the financial report, and internal auditing. The department has formulated objectives enabling the growth of the country’s manufacturing sector and improving financial utilization methods to discourage misuse of funds and fraud. The department ensures better decision-making in financial matters, increases resources mobilization, and encourages business partnership and innovations in the industries. The department consistently implements any economic issue in the county. The county government has achieved several financial objectives through the department’s better mobilization and utilization of funds in the different departments, including the agriculture, health, education, roads, and environment departments. The financial department enables all the other departments.

Medical Services, and Public Health

Medical services and public health are services that the county government has prioritized as health services are essential to every individual. Through the department, the county government has been able to construct several health centers in the county, including Timau Level 4 hospital, Doldol Sub-district hospital, and Nyahururu county referral hospital. The department also offers public services, including rehabilitation services. The county has formulated plans and strategies to provide healthy, quality healthcare services at an affordable cost. The department has enabled the provision of regulation in the sector to entrepreneurs practicing to adhere to rules in the ministry. The department has therefore enhanced healthy living in the county through the services it is offering.

Roads, Public Works, Lands, and Energy

The department deals with enabling road construction, housing, urban development, and general infrastructure in the county. All the matters concerning land, physical planning are also approved through the department. The county government, through the department, has been able to construct roads, including the connectivity such as Nairobi-Isiolo-Marsabit. It has built the Nanyuki airstrip. Through the department, the county government of Laikipia has formulated a policy advocating for the construction of the Rumuruti Solar Power Station. This is one of the implemented functions of the department, which is the exploration identification of renewable energies. Therefore, the department is responsible for all construction matters, and so far, it has achieved a lot.

Trade, Tourism, Creative Economy, and Co-Operatives

The department encourages trade activities within its jurisdiction and with other neighboring counties. The county has two central towns, including Nyahururu and Nanyuki, which act as important trade centers. The county government has supported tourism by developing a Master plan concerning tourist activity. The department also has supported wildlife by conserving their environment as it contributes to economic growth. The tourist attractions in the county include.

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