Adult and Continuing Education

The Directorate is responsible for coordination and management of programmes and activities in the adult education. Specifically, the Directorate functions are to;

  • Formulate and implement ACE Policies
  • Promote multiple literacy through alternative provision of basic adult education programmes
  • Provide Education through alternative education approaches
  • Promote general Adult Education programmes
  • Provision of Basic literacy to out of school children
  • Coordination of the implementation of Nomadic Education and Alternative Basic Education and Training in Kenya
  • Provision of Alternative Education to Marginalized, hard-to-reach and vulnerable groups
  • Development of guidelines on competencies in Alternative Basic Education programmes
  • Manage ACE Assessment and Examinations
  • Governance and Management of Alternative Basic Education Centres
  • Development of ACE programmes
  • Enhance community empowerment programmes through partnerships and collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Development of ACE Instructional Materials
  • ACE Teacher Management
  • Management of strategic partnerships and linkages
  • Enhance Governance and Management of MDTIs
  • Advice the Minister on matters relating to teachers for Alternative Basic Adult & Continuing Education.
Last Update: November 12, 2021
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