State Department For Public Works


The State Department is mandated to provide policy direction and coordinate all matters related to construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of Public Buildings and Other Public Works. In discharging its functions, the State Department is guided by detailed mandate through Executive Order No. 1/2016 notably:

  1. Public Works Policy and Planning;
  2. Public Office Accommodation Lease Management;
  3. Maintenance of Inventory of Government Property in Liaison with the National Treasury;
  4. Overseeing Provision of Mechanical and Electrical (Building) Services to public Buildings;
  5. Supplies Branch and Co-ordination of Procurement of Common-User Items by Government Ministries;
  6. Development and Management of Government Buildings;
  7. Other Public

The State Department will incessantly initiate and pursue legal reforms that will give birth to a strong, competitive construction industry that will secure and guarantee quality infrastructure and contribute to socio-economic development of Kenya.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To develop and maintain cost effective public buildings and other public
  2. To protect land and property from sea wave action, flooding and erosion; enhance accessibility in and out of waters; and enhance communication between human settlements and in areas of difficult
  3. To develop the capacity, enhance efficiency and transparency in service delivery.
  4. To ensure efficiency in procurement of common user items for government institutions and disposal of assets.
  5. To ensure efficiency in Public Office Lease and

Our Core values

  1. Professionalism
  2. Be passionate and selflessly in execution of our duties
  3. Respect and be courteous to our clients
  4. Efficient and responsible use of resources
  5. Be open and proactive
  6. Remain impartial in our duty
  7. Strive for continuous improvement
  8. Integrity

Other Public Works

We will at no cost:

  1. Facilitate State Functions for the Presidency across the
  2. Facilitate construction of sea walls and break waters to protect land from sea wave
  3. Facilitate transport on water (sea and lakes) by supervision of construction of jetties.
  4. Facilitate improvement of communication in areas of difficult terrain and human settlements through supervision of construction of footbridges.
  5. Provide necessary technical advice on rehabilitation and maintenance of seawalls and jetties.
  6. Facilitate capacity development and backstopping for County Public Works

Supply of common user items

  1. Preparation of framework contracts for supply of common user items to government institutions 30 days after offer of a professional
  2. Sensitization of Youth, Women and People With Disabilities (PWD) annually on Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO).

Public Office Lease and Management

  1. Drawing of lease agreement for new leasers within three (3) days after fulfilment of other prerequisite requirements.
  2. Drawing of lease renewal agreement within three (3) days after fulfilment of

other prerequisite requirements.

  1. Provision of advice on leasing matters to MCDAs within two (2)
  2. Resolution of disputes between landlords and tenant Payments

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