Departments of Transport and Infrastructure


  1. The mandate of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is to:
  2. Develop and maintain sustainable transport and infrastructure to facilitate efficient movement of goods and people.
  3. Develop and enforce regulations and standards to ensure safe, secure and efficient transport and infrastructure systems.
  4. Undertake research and implement the findings for an efficient transport and infrastructure system.
  5. Mobilize resources and build capacity for technical and professional staff.

Core Values

The Ministry is committed to the following core values in pursuit of its vision and mission:

  • Respect and courtesy: At all times treat people with utmost respect and courtesy
  • Communication to internal and external customers: Prompt responses for all clients’ enquiries.
  • Integrity: Deliver services in an honest manner at all times
  • Professionalism: Carry out duties in a professional manner and seek to maintain professional standards and ethics
  • Transparency and Accountability: Conduct business in an open and transparent manner
  • Accessibility: At all times, be accessible to all customers and respond promptly to their needs
  • Devotion to duty: Devote official time to official duties and undertake to deal with people and issues without delay
  • Team spirit: Endeavour to work as a team in provision of services.
  • Equity: Treat all staff and people/client who seek our services with fairness irrespective of their gender, creed, age or political affiliation.
  • Dedication: Carry out duties with genuine passion and give priority to those we serve in order to maintain public confidence

Our Customers

  • Staff
  • The public
  • Other ministries
  • State Corporations and Statutory Boards
  • Development partners
  • Private sector
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Suppliers

Commitments of the Ministry Team to Service Delivery

The Ministry Team is devoted to prudent utilization of resources at its disposal towards the realization of the set objectives as a way of enhancing service delivery to the satisfaction of all customers. Through this charter, we express our commitment in achieving the following:

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