Low-cost health insurance products and schemes
  • Private health insurance products targeted at the low-income segment of the population
  • Management of low-income health insurance schemes
 Private healthcare facilities and services
  • Low-cost private health facilities across the 47 counties
  • Low-cost health laboratory services
  • Healthcare equipment lease services e.g. diagnostic equipment, intensive care units, etc.
Pharmaceuticals and basic medical supplies
  • Local manufacture of generics and own brand pharmaceuticals
  • Distribution and direct sales of pharmaceuticals e.g. retail pharmacies
  • Local manufacture, distribution and direct sales of medical supplies e.g. sutures, drip stands, trolleys etc.
eHealth and mobile health services
  • Hospitals paperless referral systems, patients medical & medication information systems etc.
  • Medical records digitization e.g. digital medical records
  • Health supply chain optimization focused on strengthening linkages across health facilities in the 47 counties
Last Update: November 10, 2021
November 9, 2021 122 adminUniversal Health Coverage
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