Policy, Partnerships and East African Community Affairs

Functions of the Directorate

The functions of the Directorate include:-

  • Development of policies and strategies and coordinate their implementation to achieve quality education training and research.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders and other partners in Education
  • Ensuring adherence to international conventions and commitments.
  • Monitoring and evaluating policies and programmes in the State Department of Education.
  • Initiation reforms in Education for improved service delivery in the sector.
  • Coordination of sectoral matters related to the East African Community Affairs.
  • Liaising with other countries through Ministry of Foreign Affairs on preparation of memoranda of understanding on cooperation.
  • Coordination of inter-ministerial issues related to the education sector.
  • Development, implementation and review of the communication strategy for the Ministry.
  • Coordinating the evaluation of instructional materials
  • Coordination of Governance, Accountability and Risk Management action plan
  • Coordination of Public Private Partnerships.
  • Coordination of education projects in the country.

Functional Organization

The Directorate of Policy, Partnership and East African Community Affairs has four main Departments:-

National Education Program (NEP)

  • Coordination of  National Investment Programmes
  • Provide Secretariat to the National Education Programmes
  • Liaising with Development Partners, stakeholders and private education providers.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of National Education Sector Plan (NESP) Investment areas
  • Coordinating surveys, studies and other consultancies
  • Coordinating  Education For All (EFA) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) activities
  • Coordination of Environmental Education
  • Coordinate mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues such as HIV and AIDS, Gender in Education, Peace Education, disability mainstreaming, environmental education and Early Grade Reading

Policy and Programs

  • Coordination of Policy development and evaluation
  •  Mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS activities in educational institutions
  •  Coordination of Peace Education
  • Mainstreaming of Gender in Education activities
  • Coordination of Communication Strategy and management of Ministry’s Resource Centre
  • Evaluation of Curriculum Support Materials

Evaluation of curriculum instructional materials

  • Coordination of publishers
  • Field monitoring of curriculum materials
  • Training of Evaluators
  • Conducting independent review of curriculum materials
  • Coordination of East African Community Activities

Coordination of the Productive and Social Sectors activities

  • Participation in the sectors High Level Task Force on East African Common Market
  • Participation in the Judicial and Legal Sectors
  • Harmonization of the curriculum and Education Systems
  • Participation in the preparation for East African Community Summits
  • Participation in the preparation of Finance and Administration Sectoral Council.
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