Water Supply Services

The water supply services sub-sector deals with policy formulation, regulation, development of water supply infrastructure and frontline provision of water commodity. It focusses on ensuring progressive realization of the right to water and equitable access to water for economic uses. Economic uses of water includes irrigation and industrial production. Water supply regulation on the other hand puts in place and ensures compliance on water service standards to promote consumer protection by all cadres of water service providers.

Institutional Arrangement for Water Supply Services

The Ministry of Water and Sanitation develops water supply services policy, is in charge of water supply services sub-sector coordination, oversight and technical quality assurance for water supply investments development, sourcing of water supply infrastructure financing and availability of quality water supply services sub-sector data and information.  Water supply investments oversight entails the following:

  • Provision of water works development project management operational policy and capacity building support
  • Water projects development intra-sector, cross-sector and inter-governmental coordination support
  • Water projects development teams technical backstopping support
  • Water projects development technical and operational quality assurance and control
  • Water projects development strategic public communication
  • Milestones tracking for critical water projects Development

County Governments  are in charge of development of county public water works and the provision of water services in the counties as per Schedule 4 of the Constitution. As owners of County Water Service Providers, they facilitate good governance, efficient and effective operations of county WSPs in line with water service regulations and standards set by Wasreb.

Water Services Regulatory Board  is in charge of regulation and compliance, setting of water service tariffs for the purposes of consumer protection and in line with Water Act.

Water Sector Trust Fund – financing of water service projects focusing on the underserved,  financing of water research and financing of sustainable water catchment protection initiatives by public benefit organizations such as Water Resources User Association (WRUAs) and in line with the Water Act.

Water Service Boards or their successors Water Works Development Agencies – Are in charge of detailed water projects planning and development of specific commercially viable national public water supply infrastructure. As per the Water Act, they may also be a stop-gap WSP in support of  a county water service provision to ensure non-disruption of water services.

Water Services Providers (WSPs) – provide water to consumers and maintenance of water service infrastructures.  Operate within set regulatory framework for water supply services.

Water Supply Services Expected Results

  • Progressive increase in water coverage.
  • Increase in water infrastructure investments in Kenya.
  • Improved management and governance of WSPs
  • Reduced consumer complaints.
  • Reduced unaccounted for water.
  • Improve drinking water quality.
  • Reduced travel distance to water point
  • Reduced waiting hours of water commodity supply to consumers.

Water Services Institutional Status Linkages

Water service regulations:
National public water works  status, plans and projects:
Water sector financing for the underserved:
WSP performance reports:

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