Kakamega County Departments

Education, Science, and Technology

The county government of Kakamega has invested a lot in the education ministry through the effort it has put in including financing the ministry and creating the good condition for both the learners and the teachers. The value of education and demand is high and this is seen through what the county government has achieved so far. Additionally, the fact that the education ministry is under the main government, the county has collaborated with them to enhance the sector.

Through the county government, the education sector improved as it has added more classes in both primary and high schools as well as teachers to improve the learning conditions in schools. It has also established polytechnics which are important in equipping learners with necessary skills in their areas of expertise. The county also intends to establish institutions offering short courses or refresher courses.

Finance, Planning, and ICT

Through this ministry,  the county has been able to plan for all financial plans in different departments. Additionally, the ministry has facilitated revenue collection and proper management and utilization of the finances. The management of the finance ministry has enabled all other ministries to achieve their objectives especially those requiring financial support. Every plan each department makes must present it to the finance ministry for approval.

Public Service, and Administration

The ministry concentrates on offering the people public services including social services, transport, environmental management among others. This ministry has enabled proper environmental keeping, Kakamega county is among the cleanest counties in the country. The administration part has enabled human resources in the county, job creation, recruitments, and employment.

The department also ensures that the staff effectively work in their departments. Through the ministry, the workers have learned and advanced their skills thus enhancing competency in their field of work. The ministry has set aside a unit that is responsible for ensuring public services such as sensitization on the critical matter or anything that the public requires direct help from the ministry or the county government.

Road, Energy, and Public Works

The ministry of roads is in charge of ensuring efficiency in the transport sector as through road construction transportation becomes easy. The county government is in the progress of constructing modern and durable roads to enhance infrastructure and easy communication among the people. Through road construction, the ministry has created job opportunities for the residents thus improving their living standards. The county has also ensured that these roads pass through interior routes which make it safer for the people. The ministry has also ensured it offers public work to the people by building schools and hospitals for the entire community. An example is the Kakamega county general and teaching referral hospital.

Social Services, Youths, Sports, and Culture

The ministry has ensured that youths have a better position in the county by providing them with necessary help where possible including creating job opportunities in the county and in areas such as the construction area. Through the provision of social services such as rehabilitation centers has enabled many youths to be useful with their lives. An example of a rehabilitation center in Kakamega county is St Gabriel Compassionate Recovery Center.

The county government in collaboration with the community and the rehabilitation center management, they have ensured that they secure the future of the youths who already engaged in drug abuse. The ministry also has supported sports in the county by financing upcoming sports clubs such as Kakamega home boyz F.C. Preservation of culture and cultural practices have been one of the core businesses of the ministry. The ministry has preserved the Nabongo Mumia cultural center which is the cradle of the history of the Luhya culture. The bullfighting culture has been upheld through this ministry.

Health, and Sanitation

The ministry of health has ensured that the people have easy access to medical facilities and are affordable. The county has invested in building hospitals in different sun counties as well as enhancing the healthcare services offered in level 4 hospitals and Kakamega referral hospitals. This has ensured that the people do not seek medical attention from other counties. the public health facilities offer free medication to children under the age of 5 years and to adults with NHIF cards. The ministry also offers investment opportunities such as in teaching and referral hospitals. The ministry has policies that govern it to avoid abuse of private investors or any other medical practitioner.

Trade, Industrialization, and Tourism.

Kakamega county town is one of the biggest trade centers in the Western region of Kenya. it has ensured economic growth by establishing policies that favor trade activities in the county. through the ministry, people have embraced industrialization in the region.

Taking for instance we have seen it trying so much to bring back the Mumias sugar and company and it has also facilitated the growth of Kabras Sugar company. Tourists visit Kakamega county mostly to view the Kakamega forest from Kambi Mwanzo point which gives them an ariel view of it. the ministry is looking forward to introducing cable cars to facilitate the tourism sector. The ministry has also preserved the crying stone for tourism purposes.

Environment, Water & Natural Resources

The ministry has invested in environmental care by providing clean water and preserving the environment and connecting electricity in the area. Through the ministry, the county has achieved the preservation of the Kakamega forest and thus reducing logging, increasing environmental cleanness, and enhancing sanitation. The county is working closely with the forest guards to ensure forest security, and prevent poaching. The ministry has a plan of distributing seedlings to individuals in the county and advocating for afforestation. Garbage collection and disposal is one of the main problems currently facing the ministry as residents mainly depend on water from boreholes and rivers and dumping sites may pose a threat to them.

Agriculture, Irrigation, Cooperative, Livestock, Veterinary Services, and Fisheries

Kakamega county is an agrarian county as agriculture is the main economic activity the residents have engaged in. agriculture in the county involves both cash and food crops. The main cash crop grown in the county is sugarcane. It is believed that this was the first county in Kenya to plant sugarcane. The ministry has supported the agricultural activities in the area in various ways.

It has budgeted for purchasing heifers which will be kept at Bukura ATC for demonstration and sold to It has budgeted for purchasing heifers which will be kept at Bukura ATC for demonstration and sold to livestock keepers at an affordable price. The county also intends to start a program where they will give poor families German Alpine dairy goat and chicken to improve their living standards and nutrition. The ministry has also set up a fingerling sector to enable farmers to have quick access to it at a reasonable price. This will therefore improve the sector. The farmers have come up with cooperatives that help them in their respective sections in the marketing and selling of their farm products. In every sector, there is a cooperative which caters to the welfare of the farmers.

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