Public Service Performance Management Unit (PSPMU)

The overall mandate of PSPMU vide Kenya Gazette No. 2431 of 8th April, 2005 and the Executive Order No.6 is to facilitate institutionalization of efficient and effective Performance Management in the public sector through Performance Contracting.

Key functions:

  • Co-ordinate Performance Contracting in the Public Service;
  • Develop the policy framework and advice on policy direction to facilitate Performance Contracting in the Public Service;
  • Advice Government on enabling legal and institutional framework to permit unfettered institutionalization of Performance Contracts in the Public Service;
  • Provide technical support to Performance Contracting parties;
  • Monitor performance to ensure that contracting parties are within the parameters of the agreed performance targets;
  • Sensitize/induct contracting parties into the process of Performance Contracting;
  • Provide logistical and technical support to Ad-Hoc Evaluation and Negotiation Task Forces;
  • Co-ordinate and work with other relevant departments both locally and internationally to ensure smooth development and implementation of Performance Contracting;
  • Submit quarterly progress reports on development and implementation of Performance Contracts in the Public Service to the Head of Public Service.

Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives

To be a center of excellence in promoting quality and accessible public service for a globally competitive nation.


To support, coordinate and facilitate performance Management and measurement for effective service delivery and efficient utilization of public resources.

Strategic Objectives

  • To facilitate increased satisfaction with public service;
  • To entrench a culture of accountability and transparency in public service management;
  • To ensure sustainability of performance contracting in the Public Service.

Core Values

In discharging its mandate, PSPMU undertakes to uphold the following core values:

  • Customer focus
  • Professionalism
  • Innovativeness and creativity
  • Integrity
  • Respect for national diversity
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